Our First Blog!

Posted by Nick 09/09/2018 0 Comment(s) General, SARMS,

Welcome to the very first blog post here on SportsMeds.co.uk.We are a UK based company who pride ourselves on selling high quality SARMs and a wide range of other sports supplements that have been specially formulated to provide the optimum dosage for individuals within both the bodybuilding and athletic community.


Offering more than just products

We are passionate about the service we already offer to our customers, both over the phone and through our website, and now we hope to expand thisservice with a series of,what we hope you will find to be, informative blog posts on a range of related topics.

Check Back Often for Great Advice

This will be a monthly blog and we are planning to cover a variety of different topics that are linked to SARMs and also a number of other sports supplements which we stock. We hope that this will be beneficial to both seasoned athletes and bodybuilders as well as those people just starting out with SARMS, allowing them to benefit from not only some of the best products out there, but also advice from those that know their stuff!

Our first blog post will cover the topic “The Best SARMs for Bulking” andwill explore some of the SARM’s that can be purchased for bulking and how they should be used. We hope you enjoy the blog and the advice it brings you. If you’d like us to cover anything specific, don’t hesitate to let us know – after all, this blog is for YOU.