New The Ultimate Shred Stack

The ultimate stack for those interested in shredding.


  • 90 x Cardarine (GW-501516) Capsules 10mg
  • 90 x Andrarine (S4) Capsules 25mg
  • 90 x Ostarnine (MK-2866) Capsules 10mg


Andarine was developed as a male contraceptive drug but was soon found to have an anabolic effect on the body, increasing muscle tissue and strengthening bones. Bodybuilders find Andarine to be a very effective drug at increasing strength and performance ability, some find it even more effective than a steroid. It also reduces body fat significantly even without dietary changes or the addition of exercise. The impact of this fat loss depends on the individual but Andarine has the benefit of increasing your body's natural ability to oxidize fatty tissue. It also has great bioavailability so is easily absorbed and used efficiently by the body. Andarine has been subject to thorough testing and as well as building muscle, can be used to treat osteoporosis, muscle wasting diseases and kidney failure.

How does it work

As with other SARMs, Andarine binds to androgen receptors. Every time the androgen receptor interacts with testosterone the Andarine cleverly encourages it to create genes which benefit muscle and Bone exclusively. It works by desensitising androgen receptors to the body's natural testosterone which then causes it to have a stronger effect on muscle and bone density.

Side effects

Thanks to the selective nature of Andarine, there is very little impact on organs such as the heart or prostate as the anabolic effect targets only the muscle and bone cells. When using Andarine you should not experience any hair loss, acne, hypertension or male breast enlargement as it has little impact on reproductive tissue. You may however experience a slight yellow tint in your vision and have trouble adjusting your vision at night time. These side effects often disappear with time, but if they don't, they will resolve as soon as you stop taking Andarine.


Our recommendation for Andarine is to begin at 25 mg, the dosage contained within one of our capsules. This low-dose will decrease the risk of any side effects. It is possible to increase this to up to 75 mg per day. You may choose to cycle Andarine.


Cardarine is considered by some to be the ultimate endurance supplement. It helps the body to burn off excess fat, improves the recovery times of athletes and enables them to improve their endurance by an impressive amount. It was originally developed in the 1990s in an attempt to prevent prostate, colon and breast cancer. It also has benefits for sufferers of obesity and diabetes. If your particular issue is that you are struggling with your cardiac ability and endurance and can't work out to an extent that will enable you to achieve the physique you want, then Cardarine will help. It enables you to manage a more intensive workout and add lean muscle mass as well as reducing body fat.

How does it work?

Cardarine works slightly differently from other SARMs. It still works on the androgen receptors but more importantly uses a process called fatty acid oxidation to break down the fat in your body. It then blocks the formation of more fatty acids and inhibits fat from being stored. This is why it has been touted as a treatment for obesity. Those using Cardarine are able to use oxygen more efficiently which is how it improves endurance. It also enables athletes to recover more quickly following a period of exercise.

Side effects

Since Cardarine was developed in the 1990s, no side effects have been reported. There are however many benefits with regards to reversal of diabetes and obesity and the promotion of healthy liver function. It also improves the recovery time from cuts and injured muscles.


Our capsules come in 10mg doses which is the recommended dose for new users. 10mg a day is perfect for increasing endurance, but higher doses will increase the fat loss benefits. Cardarine is a great addition if you are planning to stack as it can be used with almost anything.


Ostarine is a gentle and safe supplement that you can stay on for much longer than most SARMs and make the most of long-lasting benefits. It was originally created as a treatment for muscle wasting diseases as it helps users to build and maintain lean body mass. The results produced by Ostarine can be seen quickly making it a very popular supplement. It is a particularly helpful addition if you are struggling to achieve results through an exercise regime and dietary plan alone. It helps you to get the extra push you need to attain the strength and physique you have been working towards. Ostarine has also been used to treat osteoporosis due to its ability to increase bone density but the best results can be seen when building muscle. For example, studies show that using 25 mg a day for 4 to 6 weeks can add an additional 6lbs of lean muscle mass. It also helps in reducing body fat so is a very effective supplement for both bulking and cutting. It increases your endurance for a more intensive workout, enhances mood, decreases inflammation and encourages faster regeneration of tissue.

How does it work?

Ostarine selectively promotes anabolic activity in the muscles and bones by binding to the androgen receptors. Ostarine is often compared to LGD-4033 but offers more subtle effects. It can be stacked with other SARMs for a more dramatic transformation of your physique or can easily be used on its own.

Side effects

There are no major side effects with Ostarine and you do not need to worry about any androgenic effects.


An effective dose of Ostarine falls somewhere between 25 to 50 mg. No additional benefits are seen from taking a dose higher than 50 mg. It is safe and effective to take Ostarine for up to six months without a break in the cycle. A smaller dose can be taken if you are just interested in cutting.

The Ultimate Shred Stack

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