YK-11 Capsules 5mg

YK-11 is considered by some to be the strongest SARM on the market. It gives anabolic steroids a real run for their money due to the truly impressive results it can offer. The bodybuilding community are praising it highly for its ability to enable them to build muscle quickly and safely. We think it can't be beaten for an impactful quick fix.

How does it work?

Whilst to the structure of YK-11 is similar to that of a steroid, it is definitely a SARM because it binds to androgen receptors and has a selective anabolic effect on the growth of muscle. Although YK-11 and testosterone are similar in their chemical structure, testosterone is indiscriminate in its impact on the body, whilst YK-11 target specific cells. YK-11 also has another role to play. Myostatin decreases the rate of cell growth in muscles. YK-11 cleverly encourages muscle cells to produce follistatin which is a myostatin antagonist. This means that the production of myostatin falls and cell growth in muscles increases.

Side Effects

This is another fantastic SARM which produces amazing results without the nasty side effects of anabolic steroids. Its selective ability means that only the muscle and bone are impacted. YK-11 has very limited androgenic side effects. It is a relatively new on the market but is a very promising SARM.


A dosage between 5 and 10 mg is optimum for males over a cycle of eight weeks. Ideally this dose would be broken down to twice a day. Some users find that a dose of up to 20 mg is beneficial, but it is best to start low and see what works for you. Anecdotes suggest that stacking YK-11 with RAD-140 has some seriously amazing results with regards to an increase in strength and lean muscle mass.

Supplement Information
Serving Size1 capsule
Servings Per Container60 capsules
Amount Per Serving5mg YK-11
Daily Value (% DV)Daily value not established
Other IngredientsMicrocrystalline cellulose, vegetarian capsule (HPMC)

YK-11 Capsules 5mg

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